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4th January, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

The new SYSLITE II working light from Festool

Festool has further developed its SYSLITE working light and equipped it with new features. Thanks to the new LEDs, the 2nd generation SYSLITE has a 75% stronger light output. While the 2.9 Ah battery ensures 20% longer lighting than with the previous model, other details make the new working light even more flexible in use.

Brighter and longer lighting

Festool has already shown with its 1st generation SYSLITE how a dark area can be turned into a work area. Because only if the workplace is optimally lit, can precise work and ideal work results be achieved. Festool has now equipped its SYSLITE II with 12 high-performance LEDs with 5,000 Kelvin, thus achieving 770 lumen higher light output. This bright, white light creates lighting similar to daylight with excellent colour reproduction. Festool also uses the housing as a reflector area, thus achieving a scattering angle of 170°. By comparison, flashlights only offer a scattering angle of 5° and conventional working lights 30°. Classic flashlights have a circular lighting pattern, which make the eyes tire quickly and with conventional working lights the lighting effect in corners reduced significantly. In contrast, the SYSLITE II provides homogeneous and area lighting and makes work, particularly in dark corners, more pleasant and precise. Thanks to the integrated 2.9 Ah battery pack, in the stage 1 setting the SYSLITE II lights for 20 percent longer than the previous model. With an external battery pack the operating time can be extended up to six hours. The new SYSLITE II is particularly reliable thanks to its emergency light function. The previously connected SYSLITE II automatically switches on in the event of a power failure.

Unbeatable in terms of diversity and robustness

Festool also concentrates on the system concept with its new SYSLITE II working light. A magnetic foot with spherical head and an opening for clamps ensures even more diverse and flexible use. With a holding load of up to 18 kg, the magnetic foot adheres to all steel subsurfaces. Thanks to the variable adjustable spherical head, the working light can swivel flexibly. The steel adapter plate also allows fixing on standard stands. Different positions make the SYSLITE II very flexible in the depositing station and in the scattering angle range of the light. Various operating and charging options offer unbeatable readiness for use: internal battery, external battery, 230 V connector mains cable or 12-18 V car charger. The internal battery also makes the user independent of sockets and cable drums, making more productive use of the time. All Festool battery packs from 12-18 V can be connected to the battery interface. The heat-insulated handle offers protection against the heat. The new working light is also particularly robust and long-lasting with its shatterproof, impact- and shock-resistant aluminium die-cast housing. And thanks to the rubberised elements, there are no signs of abrasion on sensitive surfaces. For the new SYSLITE II, Festool also offers a SERVICE all-inclusive package. The SYSLITE II working light is available at dealers from January 2016.


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