Kapex KS 60 Saw review

28th February, 2017

Author: Matt Page - What Tradies Want Magazine

Another very well designed product

The Festool KAPEX KS 60 is one seriously powerful sliding compact portable saw that delivers perfect cutting in a very mobile package. The saw is perfect for transportation thanks to its low weight and compact design; the back cord holder, immobiliser and ergonomic carry grips means you’ll be zipping this beast on and off your work Ute and onto the job site with ease. The KAPEX KS 60 is seriously packed with features and every small detail has been well planned for ease of use and durability. The handle is perfectly centred; so all you lefties out there won’t have anything to complain about. The saw has a huge maximum range of applications thanks to a mitre angle of up to 60 degrees on both sides with quick select indents; meaning you can quickly select your desired angle. The bevel is also hugely versatile, with angle on both sides up to 47 and/or 46 degrees. The dual ballbearing mounting ensures smooth and reliable guidance and the trenching function means the user is able to set the saw blade depth with ease and precision. However, the big stand out for my money is the SM-KS smart bevel – it’s a feature of this tool that makes it ridiculously easy to quickly measure internal and external angles, before transferring the measurement to the saw. The Festool KAPEX KS 60 is one seriously powerful saw for its size that boasts a 1200watt motor spinning at a no-load speed of 1300-3500rpm.


With this test, WTW likes to see how easy the set-up and pack down is; including carrying the tool around the job site and loading and unloading it into a Ute. This tool is awesome. It’s not bulky, it’s lightweight and it’s a breeze to carry and load. There’s also a under frame with wheel accessory to make it even easier.  


 This test-involved cutting into many different materials at different angles and bevels and the KAPEX KS 60 was an absolute dream to use. The cuts were smooth, precise and there were no chips and/or splinters on both the hardwood and softwood test material.  


 The smart bevel definitely wins a medal on this test; the bevel is easy to use and is a dream to transfer angles onto the saw. The LED spotlight for improved cutting accuracy ensures your optimum view of the scribe mark. 


 I’m always very impressed with Festool products and this one’s no exception. The Festool KAPEX KS 60 is very well designed. I love the portability of this tool and have no hesitation on giving it the Tradie Tough Test stamp of approval. Great job Festool... This tool is worth every cent.

• Power: 1200w
• No load speed: 1300-3500rpm
• Blade diameter: 216.00mm
• Cutting cap at 90deg: 305x 60mm
• Cutting depth at 45/90deg:
• 215 x 60mm
• Mitre angle: 60/60
• Bevel angle: 47/46deg
• Weight: 17.80kg


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