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6th September, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

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Video Transcript

In this routers buying guide, we’re going to take a look at the routers and have a look at the applications and some of the buying considerations you need to think about when you're purchasing a router. Routers are used for many different applications. We've got rounding, rebating, chamfering and trenching. This could be working with stairs, windows, furniture and so on.

One key consideration is to have a look at a versatile router and the whole system that's built around it. There are challenges in the way we work with routers and you really need to look at a system that can make it a lot easier to work with. Easy adjustments are important, dust extraction is very important and ideally having the right setup for dust extraction is important. There are all sorts of applications we can use it for. We may want to do stairs or trenching or whatever.

A key feature to this is always working with templates. We need to be able to lock a template guide in which centers itself. This means we can be guided around the template guide quite easily. Dust extraction is also important, particularly when we're working on edges. If we chamfering edges, rounding over edges, most of the dust likes to be pushed out to the side.

Effective systems to stop that dust is really important as well. This has a self centering template dust extractor. This will sit on to the side. As we work with it, it'll clean up all the side and redirect it up into the dust extraction.

Dust extraction connections are also important. We can load out extractor up there, we can clip it in and we can cap it right off. Depending on what material we’re working with, we can connect a hose up to it and have really good dust extraction. 

With Festool being part of the system, we've got guide rails. These are used with our saws, jig saws and routers. Having an effective system that we can hook up to that, we can then load that onto our rail. That way we can set the router up so that we work nicely and easily in a straight line. This could be when we're working in the middle of a sheet needing to do a trench all the way in the sheet. 
We've also got the other option with parallel guides.

These three routers here are for different applications. This one in particular we can do up to an 8 mil collet or around a quarter inch and these two routers will take 1/2 inch cutters, all the way down to a quarter inch. Depending on what application we're looking for, we can use the router to suit.

It’s really important when you're making a purchase decision to have a look at what systems are built around the router, what power we need, if we need more power, or we need something a little bit lighter weight.

These are all systems we can use with the Festool range. If you want to know more from this routers buying guide, you can always ring us here. One of our technical consultant's will come out in site. You can try it, you can use the tool and you can see how it'll benefit you in your day-to-day work.

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