Hand sanding is made easy with Granat

9th August, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

New Granat hand sanding abrasives from Festool

Festool will be adding manual abrasives in the Granat to its range of abrasive products from August 2016. These boast a long service life and can be used in variety of different ways, delivering superb results every time. Festool offers manual abrasives for every application. This makes them ideal for use in conjunction with sanding machines on surfaces that are difficult to reach, on unusual profiles and in any spot that is impossible to access with a sander.

Granat has earned its title of Festool’s premium abrasive due to its ability to tackle any standard sanding procedure, from coarse and fine sanding through to finishing and spot repairs. Granat was designed with a high material removal capacity, a long service life and flawless surface quality in mind. August 2016 will see Festool launch Granat in a manual hand sanding abrasive too – enabling users to carry out correction work to a high standard even in hard to reach areas that cannot be worked on using a machine.

Long service life and a multitude of possible uses

Granat can be used on any kind of paint, filler or clear-coat varnish. It is particularly suited to the tough undercoats used in advanced painting and coating systems. The synthetic resin bond keeps the grit securely bonded to the backing paper even during heavy use. The abrasive is coated with premium-quality fused aluminium oxide grit – this guarantees a long service life and a high material removal capacity, a factor which allows even manual sanding work to progress quickly. The solid bond on the grit also stops it from breaking off, preventing the surface from being scratched or from score marks being left behind. The Granat sanding sponge is extremely supple and can easily adapt to the shapes of workpieces thanks to its flexible foam backing that is extra soft and distributes pressure evenly. The material is wrinkle and crease resistant, which protects the surface of the workpiece.

The manual abrasives in Festool’s range come in a variety of different designs and grits, including sandpaper, sanding blocks and sanding sponges. The sanding block is coated on four sides, which enables users to sand multiple surfaces simultaneously, while the combi sanding block is perfect for curved surfaces such as silicone joints and concave profiles thanks to having one side at a 45° angle and the opposite side rounded off. The sanding pad is a new development and boasts an impressive ability to produce consistently uniform sanding results. The new sanding cloth is made from a flexible fabric that adapts to contours extremely well, making it ideal for sanding special shapes, rounded edges and beading. So you see, Festool really does offer manual abrasives for every application.


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