Greg now owns most of the Festool tool range

15th January, 2014

Author: Greg Thompson - Qualitom Pty Ltd Director

Festool products offer both accuracy and precisions...making simple tasks easier and quicker

Greg Thompson who is a Director at Qualitom Pty Ltd owns a variety of Festool tools. Here you can read how it all started:
“My first experience with Festool was 12 years ago.  At this time I was 4 years into working as a qualified carpenter after completing a 4 year apprenticeship. It was prior to Christmas and I needed to build a veneer vanity unit, unable to get anyone to cut the veneer for me.  After a bit of research, I purchased the ATF55, now known as the TS55 saw, along with the guides and dust extractor.  Hoping this would allow me to cut the veneer accurately & with minimal chipping.  I still remember my disbelief which then turned to excitement as I ended up having cuts with no chipping and on par with a high quality panel saw set up.Ever since, I have purchased both Festool & Protool products, now having most of the tool range.  I have found that Festool products offer both accuracy & precision along with making simple tasks easier and quicker.

For the last ten years I have been a registered builder, running a small outfit which specialises in high end architectural projects.  Constantly confronted with challenges, I end up resolving with thought and one or more of my Festool tools.  The benefits from a business point of view include aspects such as, safety, efficiency, productivity and ease of use.

Employing both Chippy’s and Apprentices working alongside me, whether out on site or in  our small factory, the dust extraction plays a big part especially when cutting MDF and melamine.  All of the Festool range are exceptional when it comes to dust extraction.  This is not only beneficial from a health point of view but time saving when it comes to keeping the job clean.  The minimal dust that is left from using tools allows me to use them in houses that are furnished & carpeted.

Given the ease of use and accuracy this has allowed my apprentices to achieve higher results than you would expect for their time.  Having greater tool control gives me the reassurance that they can achieve the task safely and confidently.

Majority of the Carpenters that start on my sites have had little or no exposure to Festool and are particularly sceptical towards the dust extractors, plunge saws, dominos etc on site.  It usually takes 1 to 2 months before the sceptics become believers and even for the smallest of tasks they are setting up the dust extractor and the tool required.

Overall, Festool provides my building and joinery business with greater efficiency, safety and productivity. This in turn contributes towards are high quality workmanship, which is constantly made easier to achieve with Festool systems.”

For further inquiries, Greg can be contacted under or visit the website.


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