Gear Up For A Big New Year

28th December, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

We hope that, right this minute, you're enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation. We know our customers and we know they work damn hard. We'd cheers you if we could - here's hoping 2018 was a successful one for you 🍻 (e-cheers)

If your brain's already looking to the new year and you're itching to get stuck in, here are a few suggestions for where to start. 

1. Keep things tidy to feel on-top of everything

It sounds obvious but keeping your work space / your vehicle / your gear neat and tidy makes you feel in control and on-top of everything. Same as making your bed every morning. The small things can make a big difference. Take the time to get all your work stuff in order and clean out those shelves. Systainers are saviours when it comes to storage and organising all your equipment. Feel like going the extra mile? Why not smash out a holiday project and build a set of Sys-drawers, a new workbench, or storage for the back of your van or ute. 

Source: @dansummercarpentry

2. Use more gear that saves you time

Saving time means you're working more efficiently and increasing your productivity. Thinking about it now means you'll benefit from it for the full year ahead. Here's some gear from our range that'll save you a stack of time:

  • New Mobile Workshop (coming soon) - bring the ease of the workshop out to the job site
  • SYS-Roll Mobile Cart - make transporting your gear a breeze
  • Rails - cut it perfect first time
  • Systainers - setup dividers and store your gear so it's easy to grab
  • Multifunction Table (MFT) - makes for a super easy and convenient working space
  • Workshop tape measure - an innovative take on your standard tape measure that almost makes things too easy

3. Know your tools inside and out

Take advantage of our huge Knowledge library and watch videos on the products you own so you know you're using them to their full potential. We often strike seasoned Festool tradies that never knew a certain tool had a small but useful feature that improves their productivity and quality of work. Sit back, relax, and become a Festool expert! 

4. Plan to grow your system

Want maximum productivity? You get the most from Festool tools when they're used as system. Explore the dust extraction options, look for accessories that'll hook on to your existing tools, and stock up on those consumables you need. Check out the various systems here: 

5. Demo that new tool you've been thinking about

It's easier to make a bit of time for demos and trials before the year kicks into top gear. Is there a Festool tool you think will make your life way easier? Or one you've heard about from a mate but haven't yet had a chance to try it? Get in touch.

6. Know an Apprentice? 

Get the guys you work with on the right tools early on. Point any Apprentices you know towards our Apprentice Program where they can take advantage of cashback offers on all tools purchased.


7. Festool Service

Been sitting on any Festool tools that you think may not be performing as well as they used to? We'd love to take a look at them if that's the case because we want to make sure your gear is right as rain before the year gets fully underway. Booking them in for a service is quick and easy - you can get started here:

And on note too, take the time to double check all your Festool tools are registered with us. If they're not registered, they're not covered under warranty and you could be out of pocket for any servicing required. 


Hopefully that all helps and gives you some starting points. Taking your Festool game to the next level means you'll get jobs done even faster, easier and better all year around. 

Go get 2019 💪💪


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