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10th February, 2015

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Audio Visual Equipment Installation and a Passion for Festool

Mike Bahr runs his own company ‘Connect AV’ specialising in the integration of Audio Visual Equipment. Situated in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, the daily business involves anything from private television installs to bigger jobs like the installation of Home Theatre or Commercial Audio Installs.

Mike Bahr started his business without any Festool products and now he calls himself a Festool User for Life. “I am an Audio Visual Integrator who has been installing full time now for 9 years and was previously a Sales Consultant in the AV Industry. During my time in Sales I found I would spend a good deal of time setting up customers’ equipment and on occasion call in others to do the more detailed installs.This type of work appealed to me and as the AV industry was changing to more elaborate systems with a large emphasis on integration I choose to pursue a career in this area.

Within this industry I soon discovered we have to come up with a variety of different solutions for the installation and integration of AV equipment, as every home is different.This can pose a challenge on many occasions and I always endeavour to create a solution.

In my early years of installing I chose the tools I was familiar with. Over the past years I have come to realise the need for specialised tools to help achieve the results required. My first Introduction to Festool came about from a colleague who was heavily invested in the Festool system, and the system impressed me greatly. But I already had many of the tools I needed so I saw no real need to change.

Then came a need to organise my work environment more efficiently. I felt I was fighting my storage solutions in my van constantly and wasting time daily looking for things.This got me thinking of my colleague’s Festool system and I decided to look deeper into what it could do for me.

I headed down to my local Festool Dealer Beyond Tools in Malaga WA and looked over the Systainer options. In between seeing my colleagues and what was now available at the store the new version of Systainer SYS T-Loc had been released, these I much preferred and knew they would be the perfect solution for my needs, so that day I walked out with 5 new Systainers of various sizes.

During my research I also looked at the CXS Drill, and while in store I looked it over…. it felt so comfortable in hand and had super smooth operation; I had wanted a Drill like this so I went ahead purchased it as well.

The next few months had me looking more and more at the Festool brand and what other tools they could offer me to help with my work.

The CT26 Dust Extractor immediately stood out with its design and performance. This was soon added followed by more and more Systainers. Soon I had replaced all tool boxes and storage in myVan and added many more Tools from the Festool range effectively one or more from each of the main categories. Selling off my other brands as I no longer wanted to use them.

Regarding dust extraction I have found it has become an essential part of my workflow. After changing from a Makita unit to the CT26 I have been able to connect it to all my tools and hence now use it every time. It now comes with me to every job, and is essential in keeping my work environment clean, I do a lot of brick drilling, wall Chasing and Sanding as part of my Job, and the CT keeps it that way I like – Clean. When using a CT with my tools it also eliminates the extra time required cleaning up, you do it as you go.

These purchases also re-ignited a desire/passion to do Hobby woodwork and I soon found myself building stuff easily, that prior to me owning Festool, had taken me much longer.

This has allowed me now to expand my AV Installations to include custom fixtures and fittings that previously would had have to be outsourced.

So as at today I have 95% fully moved over to the Festool system, my organisation and workflow has allowed me to achieve faster and better results.But they also make working with tools fun and comfortable, and well if you’re not fighting your tools you’re getting the Job done.”

I work with my tools everyday and I’m going to use the best I can for that work.

Here is a list of the tools I have:

Kapex KS120EB,
RO90 DX,
ETS 105/3 OF1400EB, PSC420 EB,
Drills – CXS, T15+3, Ti15 Impact, DRC18/4 Quadrive MFT/3, CT26, CT MIDI
Domino DF500 Surfix Set,
2 x Sys-cart, 1 x Sys-Roll
2 x Sortainer 4, 2x Sortainer 12, 1 x Sortainer 9
1x Systainer 5, 2 x Systainer 4, 2 x Systainer 3, 3 x Systainer 2, 2 x Sys-Sort, 1 x Sys Tool Box
Tradesman Cleaning Set
Domino Assortment, MFS400

Some Tips & Advice from Mike to fellow AV Industry Specialists & Trades requiring a clean work environment:

“The Function and reliability I find are superior. There is a thought process that goes into each tool that thinks of the little things that make their function so special. It’s not just about the tool it’s about how the user operates the tool how can it be made more efficient for them, and how they can work in conjunction with other Festool tools. There are solutions available and a standardisation that flows through all the tools. E.g.: Dust extraction is either 27mm or 36mm and they fit in or over the extraction port. To me it’s these simple things that make it easy to use.

I would highly recommend Festool to anyone in the AV Industry and Trades that require maintaining a clean working environment. Anyone that works with wood should use Festool.

The Slogan of “FASTER EASIER BETTER” is as accurate as it can get.

Purchasing Festool is an Investment in your trade.

Organization I have found is key to achieving results in what you do. Going to a clients’ house and you are constantly fumbling through your tool bag/box searching for the required tool wastes time it also costs you money.

Having a structured organized tool system not only impresses your client it shows that you take pride and care in what you do.

If as a tradesman you can’t keep yourself clean and organized how can you do the same for your client?

A Client meets you and your tools before he sees the work you’ve done. Ones presentation of themselves and their tools will help convey a perception of quality.

Festool helped me achieve this. I have now received many compliments on my tools and the quality of my work they have allowed me to achieve.”

Mike Bahr
(Festool User for Life!)


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