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12th May, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Brisbane company, Scribed Flooring are big fans of Festool

Greg Ceglarski, an installer and designer for Scribed Flooring in Brisbane, as well as the director of the business, Cairo Chapman, are big fans of Festool. Their list of Festool products is long and impressive, ranging from CMS tables, several saws, routers, drills, extractors and sanders to a countless number of accessories to help them get the job done. Although Greg would like to obscure it from his competitors, he admitted that Festool tools allow him to work “neater, more accurate and faster”.

According to Greg, competitor’s products cannot even be compared with Festool’s in regard to their product range   and suitability for his kind of work. Performance and power are decisive criteria when it comes to flooring. He has cut kilometres of hard bamboo for a customer – quite a challenge, but with the power of his TS 75, he is unstoppable. In order to achieve good results with his timber floor installations, he also finds dust extraction essential.

Most important part for Scribed Flooring is precise tool adjustments and accuracy when cutting. Additionally they value the speed of set-up and pull-down and how compact the range of Festool products are. By buying more and more Festool tools they realized that compatibility really makes a difference and they work substantially better.

Best things about the Festool range according to Greg: The fact, that modular saw or router go into a CMS table or rail and there less time for cleaning up thanks to the great work of dust extractors. All of these aspects allow Greg to work more efficiently and achieve high-quality results.

As you can see from the pictures, Greg loves to play around with his tools and is even getting creative by modifying some of his Festool products. When asking whether he would recommend the tools to others in the industry, his answer was: “No – because they are SO good for floor laying and would make my competition a bit (a lot) better.” But they are perfect for anyone who takes there job seriously and wants the best quality from their labor.


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