Festool products comply with occupational exposure standard

25th May, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Exposure to Occupational airborne materials through using Festool

Festool power tools feature an integrated system of design that allows them to work together more efficiently and effectively with health and safety always in mind.

Integrated dust extraction is designed into nearly every power tool keeping the work area cleaner and the air you breathe healthier.

An independent report was conducted by Environmental & Safety Professionals(ESP) to assess occupational airborne exposure to wood dust and formaldehyde from Festool brand power tools machining compressed wood board. The tools tested were the OF1400 router, TS 55 plunge cut saw, EHL 65 planer together with a CT Dust Extractor.

Harmful dust such as wood dust and formaldehyde (Glue) are created when cutting MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) board and can expose the user to dangerous dust levels. The main purpose of the test was to determine whether Festool products with dust extraction would allow the customer to work safe from dust hazards.

Result: All Festool products operate at a dust exposure rate low enough to be used without respiratory masks for the users.

Benefit: Users can have peace of mind by working safely and saves time by having less dust to clean.

Read full report [pdf 2.18mb]

*** Regulations and safety guide-lines may vary from state to state. Please ensure you comply with the relevant regulations in your state before making any purchase ***


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