Festool Hybrid Sander Line Offers Cordless Freedom

9th November, 2017

Author: Chris Boll - Protool Reviews

Festool Hybrid Sanders

Due for release in Q2, the new line of Festool Hybrid Sander models comes in three different forms that all bring cordless, or corded, convenience and functionality to a variety of applications. Leo Zirkler, Vice President of Marketing at Festool, had this to say:

“These new sanders allow users to effortlessly transition from corded to cordless without compromising performance. We’re proud of the phenomenal ergonomics and balance, and that we’ve again brought to market a truly innovative power tool solution.”

3 New Models

The Festool Hybrid Sander will be available in three different models. The ETSC 125 is a 5″ random orbit sander, the DTSC 400 is delta-shaped for sanding in corners, while the RTSC 400 has a rectangular shape.Festool Hybrid Sander

All of these sanders have the ability to be used corded or cordlessly. Used cordlessly, the sanders use a 18V 3.1Ah battery pack and weigh only 3.08 lbs. At full power, the battery runs for up to 30 minutes. A brushless EC-TEC motor affords the new Festool Hybrid Sanders an no-load speed range from 6,000- 10,000 RPM.

Additionally, all of the models in the hybrid line carry Festool’s integrated dust extraction – something the brand is well-known for. The user can attach a reusable dust collection bag to the air output or with one of Festool’s mobile dust extractors.
The Festool Hybrid Sander also features a rubberized grip for comfort and control, a pad brake for optimal pad control, and a guard for protecting pad and surfaces from damage.

Final Thoughts

Festool’s new sanders certainly seem convenient and functional – a sanding option that can transition between corded and cordless has some legitimate uses. And this sander has Festool’s typical feature package that includes the new guards they introduced on the RTS/DTS 400 REQ models. But it seems strange that Festool is using a different 18V battery to power this hybrid line than they use for their other cordless products. Why not design these sanders around the existing form of 18V Festool battery?
Festool’s current 18V slide packs aren’t a convenient shape for sanding tools like this, and the new pack clearly helps keep the ergonomics where they need to be. Perhaps it’s a way to introduce a completely separate cordless/hybrid line for carpentry-specific applications or maybe just sanders specifically. We’ll have to wait and see.

Festool Hybrid Sander Features

  • Hybrid power system provides corded or cordless operation without compromise
  • Balanced design and formed, rubberized grip for superior comfort and control
  • Power, dust extraction, fine sanding result, 30-minute runtime all combine for ultimate sanding performance
  • Highly effective pad brake with integrated carbide inserts for optimal pad control
  • Protector guard protects pad and abutting surfaces from damageFestool Hybrid Sander

 Festool Hybrid Sander Specs

  • Min. battery voltage: 18 V
  • Li-ion battery capacity: 3.1 Ah
  • Idle engine speed: 6,000 – 10,000 RPM
  • Sanding stroke: 5/64″ (2 mm)
  • Dust extraction connection diameter: 1-1/16″ (27 mm)
  • Interchangeable sanding pad diameter: 5″ (125 mm)
  • Weight with Li-ion: 3.08 lbs (1.4 kg)


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