Festool foosball table fun

8th December, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Festool foosball table for Cranbourne West Primary School Students

As part of Work Health Safety week at Tooltechnic Systems (FESTOOL) all staff members came together to put their skills to the test in building a foosball soccer table. Throughout the year staff members participate in training to develop their skills and understand the product they are servicing, selling, and marketing. As part of a team building project it was designed to test the knowledge that the staff had learnt and encourage them to build something they could give back to the local community.

Cranbourne West Primary School are the lucky receivers of the custom built foosball soccer table to add to their collection of activities for the 700 plus students at their school. With a number of different nationalities and a range of age groups we wanted to give something to the children that they all can have fun with.

They believe this fun game will not only be good for developing co-ordination and strategy skills, it will also be a great motivator for learning. The Foosball Table will be kept in a shared Learning Area and available as a reward for students who have worked hard or engaged in other behaviours that deserve to be rewarded. It can also be used as a part of their social skills mentoring program.

We hope all the teachers and students enjoy the foosball table as much as we enjoyed building it.


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