Festool Competition Winners Stories

12th November, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Our competition winners

Here are some of the stories of our competition winners!

Andrew Kempster – Home Handyman

Passionate Home Handyman Andrew Kempster is the winner of a Festool ETS 150/3 Sander from our Festool September 2013 Competition ‘Win A Tool A Day”.

Already owning a long list of Festool tools prior to his recent win, Andrew uses Festool primarily for making furniture and working around his home.
  •     MFT3 table
  •     Kapex 120 – + stand
  •     Rotex 150
  •     Sanders:
  •     DTS 400
  •     LS 130
  •     BS 105
  •     RTS 400 (with triangular attachment)
  •     TS75 track saw
  •     2x 1400 mm tracks
  •     2200 router + accessory bases etc
  •     2000 router
  •     Domino + systainer with dominos
  •     C12 Drill
  •     CT 66 vacuum
  •     PS 300 Jigsaw
  •     Centrotec Drill accessory systainer
  •     Track saw accessory systainer
Why does Andrew choose Festool?
“Once you use Festool – you never go back. The Festool tools to me are the pinnacle of great craftsmanship, great design, and actually useful features. There is no ‘copying’ others it’s designing the tools from scratch and setting the benchmark for others to ‘follow’.”

The 3 things Andrew likes most about Festool is the ease of use and set up, the fact that the saw blade cuts are perfect as well as the organisation of the systainers.
Andrew’s great user tips:
  • You would normally not need more than a 1400mm guide rail, but if need, you can just buy another rail and join them together. That’s a cheap, easy and versatile system.
  • Get the vac cable with the plug it cord attached and disconnect the cord and hose at the same time, when changing tools, it’s easier!

Stewart Scholten

Stewart ScholtenLicensed builder Stewart, specialises in finishing fit outs of high end residential houses. Another recent competition winner, he uses Festool because he prised himself on achieving “exceptional results on time and within budget”.

Already owning a track saw, OF 1400 router, Rotex sander 150mm, Jigsaw

and Kapex drop saw, Stewart compares our products with the shoes of an athlete: A professional athlete would avoid shoes that simply do their job but aren’t the best. The same is true for Stewart and his job: “You can’t afford not the have the best in the line of work that I do, we’re professionals we need to have the best money can buy.”

Stewart’s favourite things about Festool? “quality, quality and quality”. With Festool Stewart can achieve a “superior finish without having to rework materials”, plus they save him time and are “superbly accurate”.

Stewart, thanks for the great feedback – we are confident that your new Protool QuaDrill PDP 20 that you have recently won at our “Win A Tool A Day” Competition will help you get your job done faster, easier and better.


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