Festool Carvex Jigsaws - pure excitement

30th April, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Carvex Jigsaws - lightweight, ergonomic and easy to operate

What do you get when you cross a powerful cutting stroke with effortless handling around bends and corners? Pure excitement! Festool’s CARVEX corded and cordless jigsaws are just that.

The heart of Festool cordless jigsaws lies with the EC-TEC motor. This innovative, brushless powerhouse transfers more than 80% of the power generated to the saw blade, producing fast results in any material with no motor wear. The saw blade guide system with parallel adjustable carbide jaws achieves perfect results, regardless of the properties and thickness of the material. CARVEX jigsaws are extremely lightweight, rest snugly in your hand and are easy to operate for maximum working comfort.


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