Festool 90 year competition winners

19th November, 2015

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Festool celebrates 90 years by running two competitions.

In the course of this year’s 90 years celebrations two different competitions were running for the last 10 weeks – “Festool 90 year competition” and “9 tools in 9 weeks competition”.

Throughout the promotional period we had uncountable entries.
Each week all competition responses were judged in a two-round-voting process on completion, originality and suitability. It was incredible to see how creative and diverse the entries have been.

Our 11 lucky winners were informed after each week and have had their prizes hand delivered:

Festool 90 Year Competition

    Week 1:               Roger O’Neill, WA            90 year limited edition CXS drill
    Week 2:               Peter Lind, NSW              90 year limited edition CXS drill

9 Tools in 9 Weeks

    Week 1:               Bryan Steinhardt, NSW    C18 Cordless drill
    Week 2:               Michael Fleming, TAS      EHL Planer
    Week 3:               James Hagi, VIC              TS 55 plunge saw
    Week 4:               Donna Lauder, VIC           CT midi dust extractor
    Week 5:               Tim Chan, VIC                 Vecturo multi tool
    Week 6:               Peter Lind, QLD               125mm freehand diamond cutting system
    Week 7:               Jamie Pullen, QLD           MX 1000 stirrer & rod
    Week 8:               Lyn Smith, NSW              ETS 150/3 sander
    Week 9:               Matthew Klein, NSW        HKC circular saw

Some happy winners in focus:

Michael Fleming
He is a carpenter/cabinet maker by trade and he does custom made jobs for clients here in Hobart. He bought his Festool domino as his first tool and fell in love with it straight away. He told us that with some of the work he does, it requires very precise and accurate tools to do the job and the domino gives him exactly that. He also told us that he was looking for a new planer as the one he had didn’t give him the finish that he requires for his work. Now with his new Festool planer, he wouldn’t have to worry about this at all.
Tim Chan
Another happy prize winner. He is very busy with upcoming renovation. The vecturo and systainer will also integrate perfectly with the other Festool tools and systainers already owned and well used.
Donna Lauder
She is over the moon with her prize. “Being a parent I want to make sure my health is protected. With the great dust extraction capabilities of the CT Midi I would totally trust that all particles of dust from the impressions I am sanding will end up in the extractor and not in my lungs!”
Lyn Smith
Her husband is currently building a huge 10 seater dining table out of blackbutt. Now this should certainly speed up the process! Good luck with the project!
James Hagi
“By putting the guide rail directly on the mark, the plunge saw will follow the mark exactly. Once the splinter guard is cut on the guide rail this is exactly were the saw will cut. Festool has come up with the “game changer” ever since the track saw was invented. This degree of accuracy cannot be achieved without the Festool system :)”


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