Passionate carpenter uses Festool for faster results and increased accuracy

5th April, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Luke Said's love of Festool began in his carpentry apprenticeship

Luke Said, 25 years old from Kyneton Victoria, has been working in the construction industry for eight years now.  Carpentry, furniture, fit-outs and joinery are what make Luke’s heart beat faster. This is also the reason why he is now running his own small business “Luke Said Carpentry” where he is offering all aspects of carpentry, renovations and restorations.

From the very beginning of his career, he was accompanied by Festool power tools. During his apprenticeship where he was working on a lot of high-end custom homes and commercial fit-outs, his boss purchased a TS 55 for construction works in a big basketball stadium. Fascinated about the ease of use, time efficiency, the broad fields of application and quality of the work, Luke bought his own TS 55 a couple of years later. Since then, his Festool range of products has expanded to comprise of the Domino DF 700, RO 150 Sander, CT 17 dust extractor and the KAPEX 120 with stand. For Luke every new Festool product is an investment to increase the productivity and quality of his work which then results in more referrals, constant work and profit.

When Luke looks at his Festool shelf, he recognises that most tools are used for joinery type work, however he recommends the TS 55 for ply sheeting for house framing and the KAPEX for high-end finish carpentry. Luke’s favourite is the DOMINO XL, “the beast” which makes light work of mortice and tenon joinery, especially when it is hooked up to a dust extractor. Then there is the ROTEX “This tool literally paid for itself in 1 day for a job I’ve done restoring some cedar shiplap cladding, yet its fine sanding is also as good as I’ve seen.” Next on Luke’s wish list is a CT 26 dust extractor, which will compliment his range of tools and provide an extension of his system and dust free results.

According to Luke, minimal vibration, best performance and simplicity of use are THE attributes of Festool which differentiate the tools from other brands. “If I pick up someone else’s tool, it is so obvious that difference in performance, quality and results”.

Luke’s experience with Festool is all about faster results, dust extraction and increased accuracy. The fact that nearly every product can be connected to a dust extractor and carried easily, are additional advantages to Festool’s strengths in quality, efficiency, safety and longevity, said Luke.

Besides from increasing productivity massively, Festool, has also changed the way Luke works for the better. It makes working a lot more enjoyable “Since using Festool I’ve found an increased passion for my career, many would call an addiction.”

In the end, the large variety of accessories and consumables that complement the tools are another reason why Luke would recommend buying Festool products “they really do make a great tool awesome.”


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