Ensuring a clean and professional workplace

26th June, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

The confidence and ability to try any application and project that would have been impossible with any other brand


Gareth Doran is the director of manufacturing at Blackdown Shepherd Huts Australia. The company focuses on building individually handcrafted shepherd huts which are suitable for home offices, spare rooms, holiday accommodations, saunas or small living rooms. The company which is nestled in the Victorian Yarra Ranges is proud of the time involved in creating each shepherd hut to the customer´s individual specifications, by using only high quality materials and tools. The Australian branch of the company which was only founded in 2013 used Festool from nearly the very beginning. Read more about how everything started:

“Being new to the industry and starting our company mid last year, we started out with generic ‘off the shelf’, tools. Before long, it became apparent that they were not of the quality, durability or standard to which we needed. At Blackdown Shepherd Huts Australia we strive for quality in all we do, so it stands to reason that the right tools for the job were paramount. It all started with the PSB 300 Jigsaw which I found fantastic for splinter free, accurate cuts, still lightweight and powerful enough for hardwoods. It wasn´t long before all our previous tools were being replaced by Festool products. I found the Festool range gave me the confidence and ability to try any application and project that would have been impossible with any other brand.

My favorite Festool product today is definitely the Kapex 88E Slide Saw which provides hassle free, clean cuts of thick hard wood with the versatility of delicate accurate cuts on more fine work. The Protool QuaDrill is super powerful for driving big screws into the most challenging materials. Of course, the Midi Dust Extractor is also essential for every kind of work we do. At the beginning I was unsure whether this would be a good investment, but I am now more than glad to have it always ensuring a clean and professional workplace. The tradesmen that work with us love the fact that we use high end tools that they would otherwise not get to use. I already have converted some of them to Festool fans.

Even though a lot of people think that Festool is too expensive, I find the price totally justified. Whilst more expensive on the short term, this is more than compensated by the longer life span, quality build and more importantly ease and quality of finish. On the downside, being a rather small company, we need to save up money to buy the Festool tools that we want. The Festool wish list continues to grow as does our company.”

Gareth can be contacted for enquiries on [email protected]


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