Domino Joining System - DF 500 vs DF 700

6th June, 2017

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Every wooden join has its advantages.
The Domino Joining System combines them all.


The DOMINO long-hole principle.

Custom-fit alignment: The first DOMINO is positioned in a precision cut elongated hole, the next DOMINOS are inserted in wider holes with play so that the joint can be aligned effortlessly. The result is a stable joint, rotation-proof from the first dowel.

Impressive time savings.

No complicated adjustments or measurements: with integral stop flaps for positioning the machine quickly and accurately. It is easy to adapt the routing height and depth to different material thicknesses. When making solid joins, you can save up to half the time with the DOMINO XL.

Enormous variety of applications.

Two machines, dowel sizes ranging from 4 to 14 mm in diameter, flexible adjustment options and compatible system accessories offer virtually unlimited joining possibilities. Even narrow strip material and round poles are easy to join.

Which Domino is right for you?

This depends largely on your application. The DF 500 can handle a wide range of projects from the very small boxes to household furniture such as tables, chairs, chests etc. The XL DF 700 meets the needs in work shops that handle larger-scale furniture like conference tables or applications where strength is critical. Using large, deep floating tenons to join slabs of wood gives you confidence that the project will be robust and last for years.


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