Customer Stories - Furniture and Festool go hand-in-hand

11th March, 2020

Author: Justin W

Meet Jeremy. He’s a top bloke who runs JD. Lee Furniture, a small business that designs and builds hand-crafted furniture on the NSW North Coast.

Having been using Festool for years, Jeremy trusts the tools and depends on them for efficiency and versatility in his work. He’s got dust extractors, sanders, Domino machines and a router, so there’s a nice little collection in the works.

To him, Festool tools are incremental to the quality of his furniture.

We recently asked Jeremy about some of his latest projects where he was using the Festool OF 1400 plunge router

“The solid base plate and micro height adjustment of the Festool 1400W Plunge Router make the housing in my sofa frame quick, easy and reliable. Being able to micro adjust depth so easily is a big help, guarantees accurate work and easy setup every time.”


“The Festool 1400W Plunge Router makes shaping multiple parts so much easier. The ergonomic design feels great in my hands, and manoeuvring smaller parts is easy and accurate. The quick stop function (the tool powers down quickly and doesn't take ages to stop spinning) makes a quicker work flow when moving from piece to piece for shaping multiple parts.”


“The rail attachment with adjustable rail length and micro adjustable depth of cut makes for super accurate routing out channels and rebates. The added vac connection also keeps the work clean for a guaranteed tidy finish.”


Island bench
“The Festool 1400W Plunge Router handles the 22mm round over with ease, turning 44mm squared stock into round legs with only two passes, no tear out and a super smooth finish. The micro adjust depth and rail system allows for accurate and tidy work of the rebate needed to house the end panels in this piece before rounding the legs. Wouldn't trust any other tool to get the job done.”


To find out more about Jeremy’s work, visit his website or check out his Instagram account.

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