Customer Feature – Michael from Thallon Mole Group

3rd April, 2019

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Michael overseas a number of high-end projects for Thallon Mole Group, a premium residential and commercial building business based in Queensland. They’ve been operating for over 20 years and are driven to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to construction and a luxury finish.


As high-end builders, Michael and his team relies on Festool to provide un-matched quality for their clients while making sure the jobs gets done efficiently. He’s shared these photos of with us of a recent job titled Premier Terrace that he and the team have just completed.


Michael says, “You have to use Festool as a whole system, that’s what it’s designed for.”

“The Festool system means you’re staying safe and clean while you work, you eliminate the risk of damage particular during the finish stage, and you don’t have to clean dust off everything. It helps us save heaps of time!”


“The accuracy of the Festool gear is paramount for things like mitered corners on engineered floorboards. Things like the chip guard means clean cuts with no chips, and as I said before, using the whole system really speeds up the entire job, which our clients appreciate and expect.”

Have a watch of this Instagram video of the finished build! Judging by the result, we’re sure the clients are stoked!!


You can find out more about Thallon Mole Group and their projects via their website:

You can also find Thallon Mole Group on Instagram and Facebook.

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