Customer Feature - Jason from Mackintosh Floor Sanding

25th September, 2019

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

Jason runs Mackintosh Floor Sanding, and with over 20 years of experiences to his name, he understandably provides a top-notch service for all his clients. He also knows a thing or two about Festool having used the tools for just about as long. 


We caught up with Jason for a quick chat about his business, the Festool tools he uses and why he's chosen them. He's a great bloke who's seen good success with his business, and understands what's important to running a strong business. 

As he mentions, a couple of his favourite tools / setups are: 

a) the dust extraction system, which features a CTL 26 HEPA extractor with Bluetooth and Cyclone Pre Separator 
b) the HKC 55 circular saw, so he doesn't have to take a drop saw on-site anymore 


When speaking to Jason, it was clear he takes VERY good care of his tools too. Just one example was this old-ish sander sitting in an absolutely spotless systainer - you could literally eat straight off the lining if you felt so inclined (not that we'd recommend that). Goes to show the tools go the distance, especially if you treat them right.


You can see more of Jason's stellar work and his other Festool gear on his Instagram account

'Til next time 👋


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