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30th November, 2016

Author: Damion Fauser - Wood Review Magazine

A new dust extractor based on the systainer system format

Festool recently released a new dust extractor based on the systainer system format. It is compact, lightweight at 6.9kg, and with T-Loc compatibility with other systainers, extremely portable.

This extractor system comes with a 3m x 27mm diameter anti-static hose, 5m insulated mains cable, has an onboard outlet for auto-starting the tool and has a reported volume flow of 3000 litres/minute. It is rated for dust category L.

With a container/filter bag capacity of 4.5/3.5 litres, this is not a high-volume extractor and is therefore better suited for lighter trimming and clean-up operations.

The rated maximum rated wattage of connected tools is 1200W, so this extractor will easily handle sanders, smaller routers, jigsaws etc.

I ran the test unit on the preparation and installation of a large shopfront countertop fitout continuously with no issues for a period of around eight hours. I did run a quick cut in 12mm ply with a TS-55 saw without any problems, but given the 1200W rating, I wouldn’t recommend long or deep cuts with the larger tools.

There is onboard storage for the supplied upholstery brush and crevice nozzle, ensuring that last minute onsite clean ups are simple.

One issue was that the hose did not easily rotate at the extractor end and kinked on numerous occasions. However I was working on and around a 3200mm long workpiece while testing this extractor – smaller applications would not have this problem.

The mains cable and suction hose neatly coil into the storage compartment on top of the unit, keeping everything tidy in line with the portability of this system. Like all Festool products, this unit has been well designed and solidly built. It comes with a pack of five replacement SelfClean filter bags costing $35. This is an extractor that is better suited for small volume extraction operations in the onsite final fitting and clean-up scenario, rather than as a primary extractor in a fixed workshop setting.


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