Creating quality furniture with the Domino

1st August, 2017

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Timber Cabinets in Ballarat Victoria

Terry, a furniture maker from Timber Cabinets in Ballarat Victoria creates some amazing furniture with the use of the Festool Domino DF 500.

Terry mainly creates hall tables and dining room tables. He says that 'for such a simple structure, there is a lot that goes into the design, construction and polishing of a quality table'.

An inspiration for Terry is James Krenov, a furniture craftsmen and writer. 'Krenov felt that details such as uniformly rounded edges, perfectly flat surfaces, and sharp corners remove the personal touch from a piece of furniture.'  Krenov's view on furniture changed the way Terry approached craft.

Terry uses a combination of solid and veneered woods to create visually simple but balanced looking furniture.
He thinks about every little detail right down to the handmade blackwood handles on a beautiful Blackheart Sassafras Hall table that he created this year.

To create these beautiful pieces of furniture Terry uses the accurate and easy to use Domino DF 500. He states that 'the Festool Domino makes the perfect tool to quickly construct high quality, strong, three way miter joins'.

Visit the Timber Cabinets Page to see more of the beautiful furniture, read about Terry's favourite pieces and discover some tips and techniques that Terry recommends when using Festool's power tools.


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