Concrete Grinders Buying Guide by Festool

8th September, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

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Video Transcript

In this concrete grinders buying guide, let’s take a look at concrete grinding and talk about the applications and also a couple of key considerations you need to make when purchasing. There are a lot of applications where we use grinders. It could be to rejuvenate concrete. It could be to smooth concrete out. On the other hand, we've also got what we need to remove material and it could be tiles, it could be elastic materials etc before we renovate it.

Quite a few on the market probably don't offer a system we can use for different applications. These would be different hardnesses of concrete. We may have concrete that's extremely hard, granite etc that we need a certain wheel for. We've got fresh green concrete that we need to use another type of wheel for.

All these as you can see in front of me are all concrete wheels. We use these for different hardnesses of concrete. Green is for extremely hard concrete, the grey for medium and for abrasive materials we've got the red. We can then make a decision on what type of concrete we're going to be grinding and then use the most appropriate wheel. 

We also have the option to take elastic materials off. This one here is a tungsten carbide wheel. With this we would be able to adjust it by using a depth stop. This would sit in the middle and it means with all these applications we can fit a depth top to the machine to make sure that we get consistent removal. We get a good surface finish and we wear these diamond wheels down evenly, which is. important.

It’s important that you do look at what system you've got for it and how that will work. For the machine itself you want to look at things like where you can access on edges. In particular this one, we've got a flip- top front. It means we're able to access up in the edge and this gives us a really good surface finish around the outside. It cleans up all those all hose larger edges. Importantly with this particular tool, we've got a dedicated the dust extractor, which is a CT 36 HD.

Because we've got a concrete product, we want to make sure that the dust extraction is consistent. The way we do that is by auto clean. We clean the filter out as the concrete is coming in. So we get full use of our container volume again, but we get consistent extraction all the way through.

It's also important when buying concrete grinders that you've got the correct motor. With this particular one here, we've got variable speed. Variable speed means, depending on what sort of application I’m working on, I can reduce or increase the speed to get the best result. Importantly to work efficiently, it can hook it up to a dust extractor.

The dust extractor is hooked straight onto the 36 HD. This gives us the benefit of being able to work quickly. When looking at concrete grinders, you need to make sure that they've got the right speed settings. They' should have the right power of motor and also they should offer a system which means that we can work quickly and get a good result.

If you like this concrete grinders buying guide, you can give us a call here. One of our technical consultants can come out and see you , can use the tool, you can try it out and see which way it will benefit you.

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