CLEANTEC connecting system for a dust-free, healthy working environment

9th August, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

New CLEANTEC reducing sleeve from Festool

Festool is demonstrating its system expertise in the industry with the new generation of the CLEANTEC connecting system. The crucial feature of this new connecting system is the sleeve that can be firmly fixed in place, securely connecting the hose on the mobile dust extractor to the power tool. This reliably and smoothly achieves a dust free, healthy working environment. The new reducing sleeve is fully compatible with the existing extraction system from Festool.

“Festool is the only power tool manufacturer in the world with an extraction system that is perfectly adapted to the system tools. As part of our “Dust free initiative”, we are focusing on providing companies and users with healthy workplaces for sanding, routing and sawing in compliance with the law. By further developing the sleeve, which is essentially the central system connecting element, we are taking another step towards providing optimum support for workflows and quality of work,” explains Andreas Buck, Product Manager at Festool.

Bayonet fitting and better holding power

The new reducing sleeve with bayonet fitting reliably prevents the extractor hose from accidentally becoming detached from the power tool, with up to 2.5 times more holding power. This fitting quickly and securely connects the reducing sleeve on the suction hose to the extractor connector on the power tool. To do this, the sleeve is placed onto the power tool and then turned to lock it firmly in place. The suction hose therefore remains securely connected to the tool. This also means that dirt accidentally entering the tool, and the associated cleaning work, is now a thing of the past.

The dust extraction system protects the health of the user and improves the operational readiness of the tools. Since dust in the air also causes damage to the bearings and motor windings in the tools over the long term, efficient dust extraction also extends their service life. Another benefit is that a clean working environment dramatically improves the appearance of the workshop, increases customer satisfaction and leads to recommendations.

Compact design

In accordance with the lock and key principle, Festool has also adapted the receiving pieces on the power tools in addition to the sleeve. The visual markings enable users to fit the new sleeve quickly and easily. At the same time, the integrated rotating adapter prevents the hose from twisting.

Compatible with existing tools

The new reducing sleeve can be easily combined with existing Festool tools featuring the current sleeve reception points. “Festool customers should be able to depend on their tools being usable even into the future. We are, of course, keeping this promise with the introduction of the new CLEANTEC connecting system,” emphasises Festool Product Manager Andreas Buck.

Festool mobile dust extractor: Quality, safety and health protection

The range of systems for Festool mobile dust extractors and special extractors features tools for every requirement. These range from compact, lightweight tools for mobile use, all-rounders for construction sites or workshops, extractors with automatic filter cleaning for large quantities of dust, special extractors for pathogenic dust with a 99.95% degree of filtration, tools for continuous industrial use and mobile dust extractors for flammable and explosive dust. Customers who wish to retrofit the sleeve to their existing extraction system can order the new version directly from the Festool range of accessories. From August 2016, the new reducing sleeve will initially be available for the D27 suction hose.


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