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15th January, 2015

Author: Festool Marketing Team

The CTL SYS Dust Extractor - Mobility, high performance and simple operation

The new CTL SYS SYSTAINER dust extractor from Festool combines mobility with high performance and simple operation. It is compact and lightweight and integrates perfectly into the SYSTAINER system from Festool. It is easy to transport with a carry handle or strap.

“We have developed our new SYSTAINER extractor specifically for all situations where a tradesman would think twice about bringing a dust extractor at all,”

said product manager Andreas Buck.

Lightweight, compact and compatible

A clean working environment is increasingly important. The German manufacturer Festool is expanding its CLEANTEC extractor family within the framework of the

“Dust-free working initiative”

with the introduction of this new extractor in the SYSTAINER format. It provides maximum mobility and flexibility but also delivers the best possible standards of cleanliness when extracting class L dust. Its impressive suction power and Festool-standard hose-machine connections allow dust to be extracted from all tools when working. The new dust extractor is equipped with the T-LOC joining system used on the SYSTAINERs, meaning that it can be connected to the whole SYSTAINER system – to the SYS Roll or SYS Cart, for example – while also providing optimum workplace organisation. With the dimensions of a SYSTAINER, measuring 270 mm in height and only 6.9kg in weight, the CTL SYS is small, lightweight and compact. If the hose garage is removed, the height of the unit is reduced to 162 mm.

Handling and ease of use

In developing the new SYSTAINER dust extractor, Festool has once again thought of everything: With an  integrated nozzle storeage, tradesmen always have everything within easy reach and can quickly store things again without taking up space. Buck continues:

“During the development process, we took care to ensure that no parts can get lost and that everything is stored in a neat, compact design. A particular feature is the clever hose storage system contained in the device itself. This ensures that the hose does not protrude from the unit and therefore cannot get caught on anything during transport”.

Carefully designed to be just as comfortable when working

Whether you are working with a tool or using a floor cleaning set for final cleaning, the removable hose garage and carry strap provide convenient working comfort. This leaves both of your hands free and makes transporting the unit particularly flexible. The appliance power socket with automatic on/off function automatically starts up the CTL SYS as soon as an electric power tool is connected and put into operation. Cleaning work can be carried out in manual mode. And at 67 dB, the CTL SYS is particularly quiet when in operation. All of the services included in the unique Service all-inclusive service package also apply for the new CTL SYS.
Available from January 2016.


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