Airstream battery technology announced

13th April, 2017

Author: Adam Spafford - Protool Reviews

Airstream technology - reducing charge time by 60 percent

Festool recently announced its new Festool AirStream battery technology. The new design pulls cooled air through the air intakes of the battery pack and channels airflow through the cells and into the charger. On the other end, heat from both the battery and charger are exhausted to the side. Although the new system is designed for new, complementary 18V batteries, the new chargers can also charge Festool’s existing 18V battery packs. Because the AirStream charger provides 8 amps of charging current in addition to the cooling design, Festool claims the new system reduces charging times by up to 60 percent

“While many manufacturers are only focusing on bigger battery capacities, which require longer recharge times, we are focusing on greater capacity and reduced charging times. The new AirStream charging system not only has a higher capacity battery available (6.2 Ah), it also provides a huge reduction – up to 60% – in charging time.”

 – Leo Zirkler, Vice President of Marketing

Our Take

We spent some time in Stuttgart last year to get a sneak peak at some of 2017’s new offerings. Many of them have been kept under wraps (and there’s more to come later in the year!), but we can finally talk about the Festool AirStream.

It’s no secret that batteries heat up during operation – sometimes too hot to touch – and just charging the battery creates heat, as well. But heat is no friend to the battery or tool. That’s why many of today’s “smart” tools” monitor the temperature and temporarily shut down when damage threatens the motor and cells.

The Festool AirStream system deals with both the heat generated by charging and batteries that come to the charger too hot. The airflow cools a hot battery down so it can start charging and continues to actively cool the battery while it’s charging.

Because of active cooling, Festool Airstream batteries charge much faster – up to 60% faster according to Festool. Current batteries can charge on the Festool Airstream charger and it will get the benefit of air flowing across the housing but not through it like the new AirStream batteries will.

Festool isn’t the first to use air flow to enhance cooling. Makita famously touts their quick chargers that use air to help regulate temperatures. Others may be climbing on board as well, each with their own design to maximize cooling. However, Festool includes a countdown timer on the SCA 8. That’s a feature we love – a watched pot never boils, after all!

Festool AirStream Battery Technology Features

  • Air intake channels pull air through pack to cool cells
  • Side exhaust for battery and charger heat
  • New, complementary 18V batteries
  • Reverse compatibility with existing 18V batteries
  • Three LED battery capacity display
  • Reduces charge time by 60 percent

Festool AirStream Battery Technology Specifications

  • Model numbers: Festool 200313 (Quick Charger AirStream SCA 8), Festool 201066 (AirStream 5.2Ah 18V Battery)
  • Charger current: 8 amps
  • Charger for all 10.9V to 18V packs
  • 6.2Ah battery also available
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