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21st August, 2014

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Granat Abrasives - high material removal capacity, long service life, optimal surface quality

Festool is optimising and expanding its range of GRANAT abrasives. This will help further reduce abrasive consumption and increase the profitability of the bodyshop.

Granat is the premium abrasive from Festool which is used in all standard work processes for sanding. From coarse to fine sanding to finishing and spot repairs. Granat represents high material removal capacity, long service life and, at the same time, optimal surface quality. It is particularly suitable for tough subsurfaces for modern paint systems. In 2014 Festool optimised and expanded its Granat range, thus offering a pacesetter with which the auto body painter can achieve the perfect surface in record time in all standard work processes with a step by step guide. The optimised fine grain sizes are extremely efficient and therefore clog a lot less. This is obvious in the result thanks to the higher and quicker material removal capacity – and ultimately the noticeable time savings, longer service life and economical abrasive consumption.

Quicker sanding in four steps

Granat P80 and P180 ensure optimal paintwork preparation in coarse sanding and in the initial intermediate sanding stage. Together with a compressed air eccentric sander LEX 3 or an electrical eccentric sander ETS 150, Granat enables a significantly longer service life, high material removal capacity and thus quick work progress. The surface quality can be improved even further with the use of various strokes and speeds. Festool recommends completing the first three sanding steps with a sander with a five millimetre stroke. While the Granat P80 achieves a high material removal capacity in the first sanding step during the coarse sanding of filler, the P180 delivers an optimal surface in the second and the P280 in the third sanding step. In the final and fourth step, final sanding, Festool recommends a sander with three millimetre sanding stroke and its new optimised Granat P400*. An optimised open dispersion creates an ideal surface roughness for a high-quality and consistent surface structure.

Granat for accelerating the shine

For the finishing process Festool introduces optimised grain sizes for Granat P800 to P1500 on the market which deliver an improved performance thanks to considerably longer service life and less clogging. Festool recommends completing the process in two steps for a high-quality finish. Sanding with Granat P1500 in combination with the compressed air eccentric sander LEX 3 77/2.5, in order to optimally prepare the surface for polishing and then polish with the Festool Premium sheepskin pad with the MPA 5000 sanding polish and the SHINEX RAP 150 polisher.

GRANAT Soft for perfect results on irregular surfaces

Granat Soft is ideal for sanding curves, corners and edges and delivers optimal results on irregular surfaces. A consistent, open dispersion and non-stick coating ensure less clogging and thus a longer service life. In addition to the hand abrasives, Festool now also offers Granat Soft with a 150 mm diameter with Multi-Jetstream perforation in the grain sizes P280, P320, P400, P500 and P800.

GRANAT self-adhesive sanding discs for selective error elimination with long service life

For the polishing preparation Festool is now also offering new Granat self-adhesive sanding discs. Dust particles in clear or top coats can be removed easily – both in dry and wet sanding. Granat self-adhesive sanding discs are available in the grain sizes P2000, P2500 and P3000. They have a synthetic foil holder, are self-adhesive and are labelled accordingly on the sanding surface to avoid confusion. In combination with the Finish cleaner MPA-F an optimal result can be achieved.


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