A superior finish with Festool

30th January, 2014

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Consistent results, flatter sanded joins, accuracy and simplicity

Licensed builder Craig Larsen completes renovation projects ranging from hanging a door and maintenance to additions and extensions. He generally has sub-contractors from various trades working on his jobs together with him.

Craig’s first contact with Festool products was in his first trade as a wood machinist. He started with Festool sanders in his joinery and since then consistently increased his tool range with Festool.

Nowadays, the plunge cut saw is his most used tool with which he frequently trims doors, undercuts jambs and trims kitchen end panels for installation. “The finish of the saw is so good I don’t need to plane the last few mm as I previously did when using a conventional circular saw.” The Festool jigsaw blades are another Festool product that convinces Craig – he likes the fact that they give a superior finish even when rushing the cut.

The three things he likes best about Festool?

1. Consistent results

2. Flatter sanded joins with the hard backing pad

3. The accuracy and simplicity of the plunge cut track saw system

Craig completed various projects by using Festool tools, for example: a pool pump house on site using his Kapex mitre saw; steps for an outdoor spa using his Kapex mitre saw and the CMS; a wardrobe insert and a dividing wall with plaster joins sanded with his Festool Sander.

Craig also provides a useful trick for other Festool users with regards to working with mitre saws:

“The most useful, simple tip that I use nearly every day is placing a piece of cardboard on the table of my mitre saw when making 45 degree cuts for trim, this gives you a very slight back cut which makes it easier to line up your mitre and give a good clean join every time.”

Festool is also working on Craig’s suggestions of adding more products to the Festool range. In 2014, Festool will add some new tools to the existing range – stay tuned for further information!

Craig can be contacted for enquiries on craigl@larsenprojects.com


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