A silk purse from a sow's ear

21st May, 2013

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Michael Boswell's amazing project creating an intricate outdoor table

Michael Boswell, a home handyman, shared one of his amazing projects that he did with his mate Ian. It took them a few days, some in 40°C heat, to complete this project . Ian’s whole family joined in to work on this project. His two children provided assistance by safely sanding with Festool Sanders. His wife provided catering while his dog guarded the project. Hence the sign burned into the underside of the table top.

The project title “A silk purse from a sow’s ear” was chosen by Michael because the finished product is an intricate, fine quality outdoor table, that was made out of recycled Jarrah floor joists and Festool Dominos. The following Festool tools were used.
  • Kapex KS120 – to cut the planks (about 2″ thick) to the right length
  • Router OF2200 – to chamfer each edge of each plank
  • Domino DF500 – to join the 7 planks to make each of the 8 segments of the top
  • Table MFT/s – to precisely cut each of the 8 segments and the hub so that they fitted together and could be assembled.  Incredibly precise.
  • Router OF2200 and MFK700 with MFS700 guide – to final shaping of segments and groves on table surface
  • Sanders – belt BS75 for large areas and rotary RO150, RO90 for progressively smaller areas
  • Vacuum CT33 – for dust collection, daily clean-up and final preparation of the table top before protective coating
  •  T15 Cordless drill – to join the table top to the table frame with 4 brass screws.  Otherwise there is no metal in the piece.
A special thanks to Michael Boswell for sharing this project with us.


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