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12th July, 2018

Author: Festool Marketing Team


DOMINO 500 Connectors

The new DOMINO DF 500 cabinet connectors and furniture connectors enable stable yet flexible furniture designs that are detachable. Because of their great versatility, they allow a very large range of applications – from corner joins to centre panel joins to joins beteen adjustable shelving holes.

A range of connection types can be achieved

Disassemble and assemble furniture, cabinets and panels quickly and easily.
Corner Connector

Create a corner connection with two Domino routed holes and one drilled hole.

Centre Panel Connector

Create a centre panel connection with 3 Domino routed holes and 2 drilled holes.

LR32 Corner Connector

Connect a row of LR 32 holes to a shelf using a Domino routed hole.

LR32 Corner Connector

Connect a row of LR 32 holes to 2 shelves at the same height with a Domino routed hole.


The new 8 mm Domino ensures twist proof connections with maximum stability perfect for T-Joints.

Cover Caps

To ensure a clean finish use a cover cap, available in a range of colours including brown, silver, grey and white.


The drill template and hinge cutter is used for drilling the face hole for the Domino D 8 mm connector fitting.

Produce Quick and Easy Joins

All joins can be produced quickly, easily and accurately with the Domino DF 500 Joining Machine.



DF 500 Domino Connectors

The new DOMINO basic structure and furniture connectors enable stable yet flexible and detachable furniture construction.

Further information on the Domino System can be found at:


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