TSC 55K Plunge Cut Saw


Festool introduced the first guide rail in 1962, and patented and released the first plunge-cut saw in 1980. Since then Festool plunge-cut saws have always stood out with their absolute precision cuts, maximum power and extreme durability.

With the new TSC 55K, the reliability and cutting quality remain unchanged but the working speed is unprecedented.

Improved safety with unique kickback stop, exceptional torque, exact cuts & healthy & safe working with effective dust extraction.

Check out the new features below for a deeper dive into the new KSC 55K.


Saw up to twice as fast – that saves time.

The end result is the most important part of the job……. To get there quicker and easier is a bonus!. Festool’s range of carbide saw blades offer flexibility for cutting materials such as timber, aluminum and laminates and the perfect tooth configuration gives you increased performance, perfect cut quality and ensures a long service life.

  • Work up to twice as fast – with consistently perfect cutting quality. Thanks to reduced cutting width and new toothing shapes.
  • Low costs due to longer service life. Thanks to special geometry and high-quality carbide saw teeth.
  • You can always rely on a perfect cut. Completely smooth-running and splinter-free cutting edges.
  • Work even healthier. The reduced cutting width and thus less material chipping ensure lower dust levels.
  • For more information on our new 160mm saw blades see our helpful guide on the blades and applications.



Precise and healthy working with system accessories.

Festool system accessories make normal time-consuming jobs quick, easy and safe. From the multiple clamping options for securing the guide rails to various materials for safe and accurate cutting, effective dust extraction features on the tool and a wide range of accessories to help you maintain a dust free compliant work environment.



Healthy & safe working with effective dust extraction.

To preserve your long-term health; TSC 55K is designed with effective dust extraction in mind. We have the appropriate extractor to use with low, medium and high-risk dust.

TSC 55K have smart features and accessories to manage harmful dust. Whether with a dust collection bag or an extractor with Bluetooth® automatic switch-on – the Festool extraction system ensures virtually dust-free work and compliant work environment.



Improved safety with unique kickback stop.

At Festool, safety is paramount. With Kickback accidents making up 60% of saw incidents and 10% resulting in serious injuries such as amputation, Festools TSC 55K has been developed with an integrated kickback stop that reduces the risk of injury when sawing or plunging into a workpiece.

After the kickback stop is triggered, the saw is ready to use again immediately, without any part replacement or additional costs. It is piece of mind for a safe working environment.




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