It’s all in the preparation

The quality of a surface finish depends on the suitability of the machine, backing pad and abrasive used and the efficiency of dust extraction.

Festool offers an extensive range of Sanders to enable you to choose the right machine for your application, and pair it with the best suited pads, abrasives and dust extraction for efficient material removal and optimal surface finishes.

For longer lasting pads and abrasives and superior surface finishes, Festool always recommends sanding with dust extraction. Dust Extraction will keep the surface temperature cooler extending the longevity of your equipment and at the same time, minimise pigtails and swirl marks that can be caused by floating debris that is instead extracted at its source.

Whether you need to remove material quickly and efficiently or use an extra fine sanding pattern as a basis for applying the perfect finish, Festool is sure to have the right system for your needs.

  A customer’s perspective 

Sandy Gates with Top Coat Painting believes that Festool Paint helps workers save time and money by improving the paint prep process.

 "I started painting when I was 15 as a summer job. I like taking ugly and making it beautiful, I like that you can manipulate it, your in charge of every aspect of it. I do everything from prep to finish and top coat. The efficiency of using Festool sanders is out of this world! You’re a painter so prepping is 95% of your time and painting is 10% of your time. Our top coat is so much cleaner because of the preparation that goes into it."