About The Program

Together with our dealers we work to provide you and your students with safe, reliable and effective solutions for your workshop. For a startup system we recommend purchasing your first tool with a dust extractor to protect the health of your students and save on clean up time.

When you purchase any tools or accessories from one of our dealers you will receive a discount.

  • 10% off tools
  • 20% off accessories and consumables

Once you receive your order the dealer and a Festool Technical Sales Consultant will contact you to organise a suitable time for training on your systems.

Program Conditions:

  • Discounts are only available through active Festool Premium Shop, Partner Plus and Partner Dealers.
  • To be included in the program, schools are required to be a registered educational/training institution.
  • Training sessions will be scheduled and coordinated by a Festool representative in consultation with the education/training institution.
  • All tools purchased must be registered for Service-All Inclusive.
  • If the items purchased are part of a current campaign or promotion the Festool 4 Schools discount is applied on top of the campaign or promotion price.