Festool Guide Rail System

The original Guide to precise results

At Festool, we have an extensive range of guide rails that will suit any need. Guide rails are key in preventing splinters in your workpiece thanks to their anti-splinter protection.

Ensure clean, accurate cuts over and over again when you use any one of Festool's guide rails. Guide rails make work easier by taking the tool to the work, and save time and money by eliminating laborious measurements, rework and wasted material.

Connect rails using Festool Guide Rail Connectors to make limitless cuts. Non-skid, dual clamping rubber strips prevent movement during the cutting operation, saving significant setup time. Choose from our 90 degree guide rails, standard guide rails, accessory kits, cushion strips and other accessories that will help you become a more efficient and effective builder. Whatever size guide rail you need (800 mm - 5000 mm) -- we've got you covered! As an added bonus, using Festool guide rails means you do not need to use clamps which often end up cluttering your cutting line.

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FS Guide Rail with Adhesive Pads

The guide rail with adhesive pads. Allows users to make straight and precise cuts when carrying out horizontal work on floors or work surfaces, as well as for applications on walls.

Easy to secure on different surfaces using the adhesive pads.

It is easy and practical to transport two guide rails as they can be inserted above the Systainers carrying handle.

The FS/2-KP guide rail is available in lengths of 1400 mm and 1900 mm.


FS Guide Rail with Adhesive PadsFS Guide Rail with Adhesive Pads

VIDEO: Guide rail FS 1400/2-KP (0:59 mins)

FS Guide Rail Accessory Set in Systainer

Everything that can make the guide rail even better in one Systainer³: Fastening clamps, angle stop, deflector, KickbackStop, connecting pieces, and splinter guard.

The guide rail accessories are stored in the Systainer³ in a clearly organised way. 

Permanent organisation and the best possible overview, all in one place, simple, compact transportation 

This set includes:

1 Angle stop FS-WA
1 Connecting piece FSV/2
1 Deflector FS/2-AW
1 Fastening clamp FSZ 120
1 Kickback stop FS-RSP
1 Systainer³ SYS3 M 137
1 SW 5/SW 3 combination hex key


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VIDEO: Complete Guide to the FS Guide Rail System.

90 Degree Guide Rail Square

90°. No more. No less.

The aluminium stop milled from a single piece guarantees precise and reproducible perpendicular cuts without any readjustments.

Thanks to the quick-change system, the angle stop is attached to the Festool guide rail quickly and efficiently and, in combination with a portable circular saw, saw table or workbench, turns into an accurate and flexible mobile panel saw.


90 Degree Guide Rail Square90 Degree Guide Rail Square

 FS Guide Rail Adjustable Angle Stop

The angle stop for the guide rail – for precise and fast angled cuts.

Angles of -60° to +60° can be set with repeat accuracy and high precision.

The angle stop, therefore, offers a wide range of applications and full flexibility.

Thanks to the quick-clamping lever, the angle stop is attached to the guide rail in an instant.


FS Guide Rail Adjustable Angle StopFS Guide Rail Adjustable Angle Stop

VIDEO: Using the adjustable Angle stop.

Guide Rail Joiners

Connect any number of guide rails for accurate, limitless cutting with Festool Guide Rail Connectors.

Connectors fit in integrated guide rail t slots for secure cutting.

Can also be used to connect the Festool MFS templates.

Set screws are slotted to prevent over-tightening the rail.


Guide Rail JoinersGuide Rail Joiners

Parallel Side Fence

The Parallel Guides greatly enhance the capability of the Festool Guide Rail System by providing a faster, easier, smarter way to create consistent rip cuts.

The Parallel Guides are the two longer sections and offer consistent rip cuts using two adjustable stops that engage the edge of the material parallel to the cut line.

They are adjustable up to 650mm.

The Parallel Guide can be used with any length Festool guide rail. 


Parallel Side FenceParallel Side Fence

VIDEO: Getting Started: Parallel Guide
(10:14 mins)


Designed as key system components to the Festool MFT and Guide Rail systems, Festool Clamps secure your workpiece for precision cutting, sanding, routing, or just about any other application.

Rapid Clamp, including the fixed jaw and clamping jaw

Fastfix Adjustable Clamp: The perfect complement to the Festool MFT or Guide rail system. A ratcheting mechanism enables easy locking and quick release for a secure grip on your material.

Adjustable Clamp: Designed to work seamlessly with holes and channels on the Festool MFT Multifunction Table and can be inserted into the bottom t slot of Festool FS Guide Rails for limitless positioning. 


FS Guide Rail ClampsFS Guide Rail Clamps