Granat Abrasive Sheet V Shaped 93 mm

Make sanding work faster
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497390Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P40 - 50 Pack P40 50
497391Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P60 - 50 Pack P60 50
497392Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P80 - 50 Pack P80 50
497393Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P100 - 100 Pack P100 100
497394Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P120 - 100 Pack P120 100
497395Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P150 - 100 Pack P150 100
497396Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P180 - 100 Pack P180 100
497397Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P220 - 100 Pack P220 100
497398Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P240 - 100 Pack P240 100
497399Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P320 - 100 Pack P320 100
497400Granat Abrasive Sheet V93mm P400 - 100 Pack P400 100

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The 93 mm V shaped StickFix Granat sanding discs are a special abrasive for repairing compounds, fillers and paintwork. Granat range from P40 up to P400 grit abrasives for repairing modern paint systems, processing hard sublayers and processing plastics, mineral materials, acrylic, repair compounds and fillers. Recommended for VOC clear coats and hard undercoats. A premium abrasive composed of hardened Aluminium Oxide and Ceramic Grit for scratch resistant coatings and high VOC coatings. Jetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air and better finishes. StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes.

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