Fine Tooth Saw Blade for veneered and laminated board, solid wood, MDF - fine cut

The perfect cut
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491952Fine Tooth Saw Blade 160mm x 2.2mm x 20mm 48 Tooth 20 mm 160 mm Diameter 48
486297Fine Tooth Saw Blade 190mm x 2.8mm x 30mm 48 Tooth 30 mm 190 mm Diameter 48
493199Fine Tooth Saw Blade 210mm x 2.4mm x 30mm 52 Tooth 30 mm 210 mm Diameter 52
500648Fine Tooth Saw Blade 230mm x 2.5mm x 30mm 48 Tooth 30 mm 230 mm Diameter 48
494605Fine Tooth Saw Blade 260mm x 2.5mm x 30mm 80 Tooth 30 mm 260 mm Diameter 80
500125Fine Tooth Saw Blade 216mm x 2.3mm x 30mm 60 Tooth 30 mm 216 mm Diameter 60

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For veneered and coated panels, solid wood, MDF and for a fine cut. The saw blade is manufactured from high quality metal for perfect cuts and a long service life. Cutting angle and tooth shapes are adapted to the application and machine.

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Which saw blades are for which application?
Festool Saw Blades are identified by a coloured ring around the central arbor. The colour of the rin...
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