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The perfect cut

For veneered and coated panels, solid wood, MDF and for a fine cut. The saw blade is manufactured from high quality metal for perfect cuts and a long service life. Cutting angle and tooth shapes are adapted to the application and machine.

Technical Data

Hole Diameter (mm)
30 mm
Diameter (mm)
230 mm
Cutting Width (mm)
2.5 mm
Number of Teeth
Chip Angle
Tooth Shape
Alternative Bevel
Material (colour coding)
Wood/Soft Plastics
Recommended Tool Speed Range
3 - 6


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Is the KA 65 Plus CONTURO Edge Bander suitable for timber edging?
Yes, the KA 65 Plus CONTURO Edge Bander can be applied and used for timber edging.A maximum thicknes
What is the best blade for cutting composite decking boards?
The best results when cutting composite decking boards will come from using a Fine Tooth Saw Blade.F
Which saw blades are for which application?
Festool Saw Blades are identified by a coloured ring around the central arbor. The colour of the rin