Power Select System

Festool's 18V cordless range of tools and accessories is extensive and provides you with the option of only buying exactly what you need.
The clever interface design allows you to swap numerous chuck attachments between your drills. It also allows you to swap lithium ion batteries between drills, jigsaws, saws, lights and even your worksite radio. Whilst conveniently recharging them all with one central charger.

Eliminate the wasted cost of owning a battery for every single cordless drill and the downtime of recharging your drill battery when you can simply click on your jigsaw battery and keep working.
Don't spend money on chuck attachments and bit sets for your standard cordless, your impact drill and your compact drill when one set will fit all.

All the flexibility and compatibility of the Festool range and no cost disadvantage to buying individual components. Customise your cordless kit to suit you and your working requirements.

  • Complete system flexibility to buy only what you need at no cost disadvantage
  • Compatibility between Festool cordless of same voltage class
  • 5.2 Ah Airstream battery technology, offering faster charging times for 18V model power tools
  • One chuck set to use with regular, compact and impact drills


Accessories & Consumables