Festool Systems

Because things work better when everything fits together

Whoever wants to be good needs the perfect tool. Whoever wants to be better needs a system. A system in which accessories and consumable go hand in hand with the tools means increased efficiency and organization on the job. Making a system investment the clever option.
System = Added Value
The value of a tool is not on the price tag, but in the benefits it brings to your work applications. Festool tools are well built and designed for multipurpose use – for example the ROTEX range combines an eccentric sander, geared eccentric sander and polisher in one, delivering many applications with a single tool.

The Compact Module System (CMS) allows you to convert a hand held device to a bench mounted stationary application,creating a sawing, routing or sanding station.

Festool accessories are precisely coordinated with the tools, whether it is the guide rail for variable use when sawing and routing, the lithium ion battery packs which are used across the entire 18V Power select range or the mobile dust extractors that are coordinated precisely to Festool power and compressed air tools.