Festool Systems vs Silica: The Test Results

With growing concerns about the risk of Silicosis and dust safety in various industries in Australia, there's a lot of information out there on the topic. However, most of it is quite generic and when it comes to dust extraction equipment, the same claims are made over and over again. 

So, we decided to put our products to the test. And not just the dust extractors, but the tools and accessories in our range too; the full system. While the focus is often on catching the dust, reducing how much dust is created in the first place is just as important.

With the help of an Occupational Hygienist and dust monitoring expert, Brian Eva from Eva & Associates, we conducted comprehensive testing of our systems on several common, high-risk applications using silica-based materials. 

Watch this video to see how the testing was done and hear Brian's take on the results. 

 EVA Respirable Crystalline Silica and Total Respirable Dust Exposures Report (1.72mb)

Eva & Associates specialises in a wide range of Environmental, Safety & Management services and we recommend them for all the Occupational Hygeine testing and consulting you require. 

For a complete guide to the best Festool system for a whole range of materials and dusts, grab your free copy of our Hazardous Dust Brochure by clicking below.

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