Manufacturers and Worksafe recommend an annual check should be completed on H Class Dust Extractors.

Festool is offering an optional fixed Service fee for the 3 years with all purchases of a Festool H Class Dust Extractors.


What the Policy Covers

  • Within the first year all CTH Dust Extractors are covered under the 1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • After 1 and 2 year the CTH Dust Extractor can be replaced at a fixed service fee.**
  • This service policy is only valid for the first 3 years of the original purchase date.



Year Warranty CTH26 CTH48
0-1 Yes No Cost * No Cost *
1-2 No $650 (incl GST) $900.00 (incl GST)
2-3 No $650 (incl GST) $900.00 (incl GST)


How do I book my H class extractor in for servicing?
Step 1
Ensure you have followed the correct H class decontamination transport procedure for and completed the transport form.
**See more details on Repairs Centre page >>>
Step 2
Return your tool to the closest repair drop off point with the original proof of purchase.
Step 3
The dealer will book in and ship correctly packed tool back to Tooltechnic Systems
Step 4
Tooltechnic Systems will send a PayPal invoice to your email address for approval/payment.
Step 5
Collect replacement tool from repair drop off point you booked your tool in with.
If you have questions regarding the repair, please contact your dealer or you can also contact Festool customer service team on Ph 1300 063 900 or email at [email protected].

Get in contact with us to find out more!


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Policy excludes incorrect use and handling of the machine (i.e. use and handling not in accordance with the Festool operating manual)
  2. Policy excludes impacts, falls or climatic influences.
  3. Policy excludes overloading or damage that occurs as a result of incorrect or careless handling or unsuitable operating materials.
  4. Policy excludes improper modifications or repairs performed by customers or third party.
  5. Policy excludes the use of non original parts, accessories or consumable materials and the resulting consequences.
  6. Offer valid for 3 years on original purchase.
  7. Policy is subject to change due to service requirement and availability changes.
  8. The H class extractor must be returned to Tooltechnic Systems in Melbourne and delivered in accordance with the H class decontamination procedure.