ETS EC 150mm Brushless Random Orbital 5mm Sander in Systainer

The ideal intermediate sander in the compact class.

ETS EC150/5 EQ-Plus
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Perfectly built for manual operation. For reduced fatigue when carrying out overhead sanding work and a good feeling on edges, as well as convenient operation in any position. The ETS EC 150. At just 116 mm high and with a brushless EC-TEC motor and ergonomic housing geometry with perfectly balanced centre of gravity. And with additional innovative details such as automatic dust control, integrated sanding pad brake and the unique Vibration Control System for added health benefits.

Main Applications

  • Intermediate and coarse sanding of clear coats and fillers
  • For flat and curved surfaces
  • Final sanding of fillers
New compact class – the ETS EC 150

Guarantees a comfortable and healthy working environment and high surface quality.

Because dust-free is simply more efficient

The perfect combination of extraction and ETS EC ensures a clean workspace, a clear view of the work surface, less reworking and therefore faster and better working results, lower costs and increased profits.

Reduced dust formation. Smoother operation

For an optimum operating smoothness at speeds of up to 11,000 rpm. With three levels of hardness from super soft to hard, we have the right sanding pad for any job. And with the MULTI-JETSTREAM system for powerful dust extraction.

The difference between feeling and sensing

The "Vibration Control System" teaches the motor to think. Active regulation of the speed automatically reduces the operating performance when vibrations are too high. The result is smoother operation and a greatly improved feel when sanding with noticeably fewer vibrations.

Robust and reliable

The brushless EC-TEC motor and top-quality components guarantee a long service life.

Great results, without fail

Protects not just the workpiece but also the operator. The sanding pad brake, which is tipped with robust carbide, permanently prevents the sanding pad from revolving too quickly when it is in a no-load state and enables the tool to be applied to a surface without producing scratches and to be set down quickly.

Switched on and off by the operator – not by chance

The perfectly positioned push-button prevents the ETS EC 150 from being switched on or off accidentally.

Things work better when everything fits together

Perfectly designed for the machines, pads and dust extractors. Tailor-made for each application, for coarse and fine sanding. With a long tool life, high material removal rate and StickFix adhesive coating, for quick and easy changes.

With a sanding stroke of 3 mm or 5 mm, it is always perfect for your application

Available as the ETS EC 150/3 with a 3 mm sanding stroke for fine sanding and extra-fine sanding, or as the ETS EC 150/5 with a 5 mm sanding stroke for light sanding and intermediate sanding of varnish and paint.

EC-TEC Brushless Motor
The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.
Sanding system with integral dust conveying concept. With the patented MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 principle.
Rapid fastening system for attaching felt, foam or sheepskin polishing pads. For greater efficiency.
Removable, replaceable power cable with safety lock for fast switchover.
Quick, economical fastening system for abrasives - no adhesives, no clamping.
Vibration Stop
Patented VS balancing so that tools run smoothly during sanding, which makes working less hazardous.
Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg)
1.2 kg
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm)
27 mm
Sanding Stroke
5 mm
Sanding Pad Diameter (mm)
150 mm
Power Lead Type
Plug-it Lead
Power Source
Power Consumption (W or kW)
400 W
Motor Type
Orbital Motion Speed (rpm)
6,000 rpm - 10,000 rpm
ETS EC 150/5 EQ Random Orbital Sander
1 x Granat Abrasive Disc P80
Plug it cable
Systainer SYS3
Tool Manual
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