Energy Box for Centralised Extraction Turbine

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Festool believe that the organisation of a workspace is just as important as having quality precision tools. An organised space optimises work processes, minimises setup and pack up times, and ensures safety - all significant cost savings. The Energy Box ensures electricity, compressed air and extraction are always ready to go. Attach two electric or air tools to the ports for automatic switch on/switch off use. The energy box can be mounted to either a wall or ceiling. For optimum use and a greater operating radius, attach it to a Festool boom arm. Includes 3 x 240V connections, compressed air unit with 3 compressed air ports and 2 x sandpaper holders.

Main Applications

  • Central control of power supply and dust extraction
  • Connection of a third device (e.g polisher)
  • Safe and efficient layout of workplaces
Antistatic Function
Dust extractors and tools with antistatic function to prevent static buildup when working.
Tech Specs
Height (mm)
367 mm
Pressure Range
4 - 8 bar
Length (mm)
516 mm
Width (mm)
580 mm
1 x Energy Box
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