CONTURO Edge Bander


The Festool KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander - a game-changer!

A superior tool for superior results on furniture and cabinetary that worthy of being called "perfect". A complete all-in-one edging system that will provide you with the perfect edge finish. Do you need a tool that is perfect...

  • For classic furniture edging or manufacturing shaped parts with convex or concave curves.
  • For finishing work in wood, melamine or plastic.
  • For variable edge heights and material thicknesses up to 3 mm.

The CONTURO Edge Bander is the tool for you!

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Hands on review of the Festool Conturo Edge BanderHands on review of the Festool Conturo Edge Bander

What users are saying about the CONTURO Edge Bander

Conturo Edge Bander

the Conturo produces outstanding results and is very well designed
5 Star Review


Conturo Edge Bander

it’s a beautiful machine that produces even more beautiful results
5 Star Review

Matt Kent: https://www.protoolreviews.comalleyForge

Conturo Edge Bander

 This is a massive time saving tool, that you won't regret buyingt
5 Star Review


Conturo Edge Bander

I would 100% recommend this for any shop that does their own installations
5 Star Review

Anthony A.: - review

Conturo Edge Bander

this tool is a keeper
5 Star Review


Conturo Edge Bander

This puts on your edgebanding as good (and i think better) than my huge commercial edgebander
5 Star Review

Steve Rowe:

What makes the CONTURO Edge Bander so good?


  • Easy, clean and efficient working progress and patented cartridge gluing system for quick colour changes
  • Precision glue application for a perfect join quality and maximum adhesion
  • Nozzle system that is easy to clean, machine housing does not heat up, allowing safe working progress
  • Adhesive melts according to requirements and does not boil, discolour or deteriorate
  • Easy to handle, perfect ergonomics, clear view of the workpiece
  • Integrated in a complete system of accessories and consumable materials for achieving the perfect edge

Some of the key features of the CONTURO Edge Bander

Straight, curved and mitred edges

Rectangular edges, inner corners, curves, radii, convex & concave shapes. Internal radius up to 50mm; min ext radius of 25-30 mm. Gluing inclined edges at of 0 - 47°.

Mobile or stationary

Suitable for mobile or stationary use: edging to mitred surfaces is easy (angle 0° - 47°) in stationary use. Or readily do rework on site as a mobile edger.

Wood, plastic, melamine

Suitable for all standard edge materials, from wood and plastic to melamine. For edge heights of 18-65 mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5-3.0 mm.

A wide range of applications

4 different adhesive colours suit any decor and polyurethane adhesive, waterproof and heat-resistant gluing (bathroom / kitchen furnishings) is now easy.

Unique cartridge gluing system

Easy, clean and efficient work as well as quick colour changes thanks to the unique cartridge gluing system. Glue is only melted as required equals less cleaning.

Everything in view

A display that guides and provides important information. You can see how many metres of edging can be processed at the set edge height and adhesive quantity.


Trimming plastic edging, even up to abutting surfaces: KP 65/2 trimming machine for edge heights of 18–65 mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5–2.0 mm.

Tight radii, long edges

For narrow radii and awkward spots: use the additional roller. For longer edges use the additional holder – for clean processing and freedom of movement.

Videos & Shorts

Complete guide to KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander

If you’re looking for a power tool to create precise cuts in materials such as wood, laminate, aluminium, sheet plastics, or abrasive materials such as fibreboard sand cement, you’ll be looking at a plunge saw or a circular saw.

KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander - perfect for internal and external radius banding

Professional tradespeople tend to opt for plunge saws with additional features which hobbyists may not necessarily require. High-quality plunge saws with advanced features offer increased safety, precision, accuracy, efficiency, versatility, and consistent performance.

KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander - seamless application of shark nose & mitres

The Festool edge bander excels in applying shark nose & mitres banding, in conjuction with the MFT 3 Multifunction Table CONTURO Set the KA 65 makes it very efficient to apply edge banding to mitre angles. The tool's accuracy and adjustability allow craftsmen to achieve precise and customized angles for exceptional joinery work. 

KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander - Time savings

The Festool edge bander revolutionizes edge application, surpassing traditional methods with remarkable efficiency. Its precision, speed, and automated features streamline the process, drastically reducing application time. The tool ensures flawless edges, eliminating manual errors and enhancing overall productivity.

KA 65 Glue guide

The Festool KA65 Edge bander offers versatility with a quick and efficient gluing system the universal adhesives are suitable for use with wooden plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials

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