Dust Safety

Dust Safety


It's time to take dust safety seriously.

Poor work practices and inadequate equipment means thousands of Aussie tradies are being exposed to hazardous dust every day. Over time, this can lead to life-threatening illnesses such as Silicosis and lung cancer.

We've compiled a range of resources to help increase awareness about the importance of dust safety and empower you to lead by example. Take action today!

Dust Safety BrochureDust Safety Brochure

Dust Safety Resources

Hazardous dust risks

In construction, demolition and industrial zones, hazardous dust is everywhere. Thousands of us work with potentially dangerous materials every day. But what exactly is hazardous dust? What health risks does it pose, and how can we protect against it?

In these guides, we take a close look at the different types of hazardous dust that can be generated in industrial environments. We will also examine what you can do to protect you and your team from potential health endangerment.

Crystaline Silica Dust

You've probably heard the term 'silica dust' bandied around plenty, but what actually is it? How dangerous can it be? And how can we protect against it?

These articles are designed to help you learn enough about Crystalline Silica Dust to adequately protect your workers and your business on a day-to-day basis.

Dust Classes & Extraction Systems

How much do you know about the dust you generate? Did you know there are three distinct classes of dust which could potentially harm you if inhaled? Therefore, you should always be thinking about the best ways to safely remove it from your work area.

In these guides, we take a close look at the different classes of dust and how dust extractors can help you. We will also consider some of the best extractors you can buy for different scenarios

Dust Extraction Products