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DSC-AGC 18V 125mm Cordless Freehand Diamond Cutting System Basic in Systainer

DSC-AGC 18-125 EB-Basic
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For accurate separating cuts without dust.

For healthy work, the dust extraction attachment conveys over 95% of the dust directly to the mobile dust extractor – ideal for dust-free cutting of mineral materials indoors. The open design enables a clear view of the cutting line, making orientation along the scribe mark simple.

The dust extraction attachment can also be opened easily to allow work close to edges. Additionally, the enclosed EC-TEC motor and the protected electronics guarantee dust resistance.

The Bluetooth® battery pack automatically starts the paired mobile dust extractor for even more comfortable work.

Main applications

  • Cutting and trimming mineral panels such as tiles and natural stone
  • Creating cut-outs on walls and concrete to repair damage
  • Repair of cracks

Product Details

Precise work

Sophisticated guard provides a clear view of the cutting line – for easy orientation along the scribe mark.

Cuts up to the edges

Guard can be opened easily at the front to allow work close to edges.

Clean and healthy

Dust extraction attachment conveys ≥ 95% of the dust directly to the connected mobile dust extractor.

Technical Data

Tool Weight (kg)
3.2 kg with 5.20 Ah battery
Front Clearance (mm)
16 mm
Side Clearance (mm)
23 mm
No Load Speed (rpm)
4 500 - 8 500 min⁻¹
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm)
36/27 mm
Power Source
Motor Type
Disc Diameter (mm)
125 mm
Cutting Depth (mm)
27 mm
Lithium-ion battery
Fitted with high-performance lithium ion battery pack.
EC-TEC Brushless Motor
The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.
MMC Digital Electronics
Processor controlled "Multi Material Control" power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.
Electronic Overload Protection
Protects the motor with blocking tool.
Quick Acting Brake
For safe work when planing, sawing and routing.
Electronic Monitoring
Electronic monitoring of the coil temperature protects against damage to the motor.
CLEANTEC Connection System
Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.


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Can I convert my DSC AG-125 Diamond Freehand to the AGC 18 Angle Grinder ?
Yes, Festool have a conversion kit #F28721 
Can I convert my AGC 18 Angle Grinder to the DSC -AG 125 Freehand Diamond Cutter ?
Yes, Festool makes a conversion kit (part number F28722) that will convert your AGC 18 to DSC 125?
Can I use a corded DSC 125 or cordless AGC 125 to grind off paint? What parts do I need ?
Only the corded DSC 125 can be used in conjunction with the 769076 hood and a paint grinding disc