Festool presents the exciting new Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

Extremely compact and versatile: With its modern and sophisticated design, which includes digital technologies, Festool's new CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw redefines industry standards. What's more, the new cordless table saw is so compact that it fits perfectly into a Systainer.

This means that the new CSC SYS 50 delivers the same cutting precision on construction sites as a mains-powered panel saw does in a workshop. It performs excellently in every discipline, with parallel cuts up to 280 mm, a cross cut width of up to 450 mm and angled cuts of -2° to 47°.

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Precise cuts at the press of a button, compact dimensions and a state-of-the-art operating concept – these are the ingredients that make up the new Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw.

These features make it an indispensable aid for interior finishing, as well as for carpenters and floor layers. Its centrally positioned and easy-to-read display allows you to adjust the height and angle with absolute precision and in next to no time.

This enables 100% repetition accuracy – cut after cut. In practice, it is more precise than with any pae measure. You can make even the most demanding cuts with maximum precision with the robust stop system made up of a parallel side fence, angle stop and sliding table.

"The CSC SYS 50 is the world's first portable table saw with electric height and angle adjustment and a display with menu navigation.

This means that the new CSC SYS 50 marks a step towards digitalization. However, when we implement digital technology, we always focus on the benefits to customers.

The CSC SYS 50's digital functions aren't a gimmick but offer real added value with respect to precision and enable a cutting quality of unprecedented consistency in a portable saw.

Essentially, the CSC SYS 50 offers all the qualities of a contemporary panel saw but you can also take it with you onto construction sites," explains Wolfgang Reines, Product Manager of the new cordless table saw.

Breathe easy, dust-free!

A healthy, dust-free environment using 27mm or 36mm hose or dust bag for convenience.

The right blade & settings

Saw blades for different materials and variable speed control via the digital display. Versatile!

Flexible underframe

Stable support for longer material and converst into a 58cm x 58cm worktable with a 100kg load capability!

Fixing securely

Securely clamp work with the FastFix & FS clamps and fast changes of the riving knife for trenching & rebates.

Extreme precision

Height and angle can be easily & accurately set to .01mm to give unprecedented levels of precision.

Extremely compact & versatile

Light weight and compact table saw in a Systainer Dual battery system with 2 x 18V & digital display.

Best cutting features

Accurate mitre angles between -70° and +70° . Bevels from -2° to 47°; at a cutting height of 35 to -10°


Height and angle (mm and inches) are parallax-free via the digital display. Save up to 4 pre-sets.

Some of the key features of the new Cordless Table Saw...

Parallel cuts up to 280 mm

The folding table gives compact transport dimensions with precise, stable support for work up to 280mm when sawing.

Cross-cuts up to 450 mm

Despite its small dimensions, with the fold up table extensions an impressive cross-cut width of up to 450 mm is possible.

Angled cuts from -2° to 47°

Angled cuts from -2° to 47°; at a cutting height of up to 35 mm & down to -10°. Up to 4 different pre-sets can be stored!

Mitre angles from -70° to +70°

The angle can be optimally adjusted via the exact scale; predefined catches also make selecting the most important angles easier.

Made for interior finishing

With a guaranteed cutting height of 48 mm, all applications typical in interior finishing from flooring to framing can be done!

More precise than any yardstick

Height and angles are accurately entered to within 0.1 mm via the digital display and dial  adjusting the saw blade automatically.

Speaks your language

The display can be set to your local  language and measurements can be set to mm or inches!

Systainer: Transport and protection

The Systainer hood is quickly placed over the cordless table saw, allowing easy transportation and protection.

Efficiently stored

Saw blades, spacer wedge and a  dust collection bag are stored and always available in the lid of the Systainer. 

Ideal for grooves

Simple spacer wedge changes – for hidden cuts & rebates. The wedge & guard are reinstalled instantly for safe working .

Rapid changes

The saw blade is changed quickly and without complications. Easy access and included tools ensure the change is fast!

Fixing securely

Work can be securely clamped with the Festool clamp clips (FSZ) via a groove in the slide (accessory, not included).