Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw


The revolution in table saws!

Extremely compact and versatile: With its modern and sophisticated design, which includes digital technologies, Festool's new Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw redefines industry standards. 

Incredible versatility and performance that all fits perfectly into a Systainer.

This means that the new Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw delivers the same cutting precision on construction sites as a mains-powered panel saw does in a workshop. 

It performs excellently in every discipline, with parallel cuts up to 280 mm, a cross cut width of up to 450 mm and angled cuts of -2° to 47°.

"The approach of the CSC SYS 50 is radically different and innovative – this tool provides a variety of solutions, is highly precise and all in a compact space."

Dominic Ender, Product and Innovation Manager at Festool

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Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw reviewCordless 168mm Systainer Saw review

WWhat users are saying about the Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

tthere's a NEW table saw on the market that has taken this excitement to a whole new level. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer.
5 Star Review

Amos: C3 Carpentry & Joinery

Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

Festool’s CSC SYS 50 Table Saw Lets You Make Cuts Anywhere on the Job
5 Star Review

Noelle Howe

Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

This is a quality piece of kit
5 Star Review

The Woodgrafter

Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

It's a great little unit and just so well designed...
5 Star Review

Tools and Stuff

What makes the Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw so good?


  • Cross-cuts up to 450 mm wide, quick and precise with the integrated slide
  • Rip cutting up to a cutting height of 48 mm and a width of 280 mm with a secure support on the integrated fold-out table
  • Angled cuts from -10° to 47° thanks to tilting saw blade
  • Exact height and angle adjustment by means of electric stepper motors. Can be set precisely to 0.1 mm and controllable via a display
  • Transport practically in the handy Systainer format

Some of the key features of the Cordless 168mm Systainer Saw

More precise than any ruler

Height and angles are accurately entered to within 0.1 mm via the digital display and dial  adjusting the saw blade automatically.

Systainer: Transport and protection

The Systainer hood is quickly placed over the cordless table saw, allowing easy transportation and protection.

Mitre angles from -70° to +70°

The angle can be optimally adjusted via the exact scale; predefined catches also make selecting the most important angles easier.

Efficiently stored

Saw blades, spacer wedge and a dust collection bag are stored and always available in the lid of the Systainer. 

Unique cartridge gluing system

Easy, clean and efficient work as well as quick colour changes thanks to the unique cartridge gluing system. Glue is only melted as required equals less cleaning.

Everything in view

A display that guides and provides important information. You can see how many metres of edging can be processed at the set edge height and adhesive quantity.


Trimming plastic edging, even up to abutting surfaces: KP 65/2 trimming machine for edge heights of 18–65 mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5–2.0 mm.

Tight radii, long edges

For narrow radii and awkward spots: use the additional roller. For longer edges use the additional holder – for clean processing and freedom of movement.

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