Centrotec 15 - 35 mm Forstner Drill Bit Set

Handy, durable and powerful
for Festool cordless drills with FastFix interface
FB D15-35 CE-Set
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Machined from hard-wearing Swiss steel, Festool ZOBO bits set a new standard for precision hole cutting. Interchangeable pinpoint and pilot bits enable rapid, precise drilling at angles up to 70 degrees, while highly efficient chip ejection prevents overheating, keeping cutters sharper longer. ZOBO bits clear their own path, effortlessly speeding through dense material, saving time and wasted steps. Quick change shanks are best suited for use with Festool Centrotec System, but ensure secure gripping in any keyless chuck.

Tech Specs
Diameter (mm)
15 - 35 mm
Quantity in Pack
FB D CE-Zobo 15 mm Bit
FB D CE-Zobo 20 mm Bit
FB D CE-Zobo 25 mm Bit
FB D CE-Zobo 30 mm Bit
FB D CE-Zobo 35 mm Bit
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