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Power Tools Buying Guide

The following page encompasses everything you need to know about finding the perfect power tools for your workshop or business. We’ll cover everything from sanders, saws, drills, grinders, joiners as well as dust extractors. We’ve created video walkthroughs for every topic to make the process as simple as possible, and you’ll also be able to find a transcript below the video if you’re after a quick skim. So what are you waiting for ? Your dream workshop is only a few clicks away!

Drilling & Fastening

If any tool could be said to be a must-have in everyone’s arsenal, it would certainly be a cordless drill. Perhaps one of the most versatile tools we use daily, it’s important to have the appropriate drill for your specific job. We’ll explore the differences between the various types of Festool drills.

Cordless Drills Buying Guide - The Right Tool for the Right Job
Compared! T 18 Drill vs PDC 18 Hammer Drill

Dust Extraction

How much time do you spend cleaning up the jobsite? Are you putting your health at risk by working in a dusty environment? The type of dust extraction system you’ll require will depend on the type of materials you’re working on, so we’ve put together a guide to take the guesswork out of finding the right extractor.

Dust Extraction System Buying Guide by Festool
Explained: M Class Dust
CT 15 vs CTM MIDI: How do they compare?

Grinding & Cutting

To round out your kit we cover concrete grinders. There are alot of applications for grinders. It could be to rejuvenate concrete. It could be to smooth concrete out. On the other hand, you might want to remove material - it could be adhesives, it could be elastic materials. We discuss the key considerations.

Concrete Grinders Buying Guide by Festool

Routing & Joining

Routers are used for many different applications. We’ve got rounding, rebating, chamfering and trenching. This could be working with stairs, windows, furniture and so on. If you’re looking to round out your job and apply the finishing touches with a router, we cover the different application and buying considerations. Conversely, the type of joiner you’ll use will rely solely on the project’s application and we’ll cover that all for you too!

Helpful Routers Buying Guide by Festool
The Joining Systems Buying Guide You Need

Sanding & Polishing

Sanders are an essential part of any workshop or travelling tool kit, so it’s important to have the right sander, for the right job. We’ll explore the different uses for a sander, pair those uses with the right type of sander, as well as the best sander pads and abrasives. Need to use a sander but the site makes for difficult application? We’ll cover that too!

What You Need to Know When Choosing the Right Sander
What Pads & Abrasives to Use for Sanders
The Best Type of Sander to Buy & Why
Discover the Different Types of Sanders & Their Application
Plastering Sanders Buying Guide
Tips When Buying Sanders for Difficult Site Applications
What’s the best wall & ceiling sander?


No two saws are alike, so we’ve prepared the following guides to ensure you’re well equipped for your next job. We’ll explore plunge saws, circular saws and compound saws, highlighting their differences and what type of jobs they’re most suitable for.

A Plunge Saw Buying Guide by Festool
Circular Saw Buying Guide by Festool
Slide Compound Saw Buying Guide by Festool
Which is the best saw?

At Festool, informative and actionable advice is paramount. We know that finding the right power tool can easily become a nightmare, especially with all the considerations we have to make. From the type of job, to the ease of application and the associated costs involved, it’s important to us that you feel confident in the buying choices you make.

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